About Us

ASL Energy

Create Unique Value For Automobile Industry

ASL was founded in 2008 by a strong and successful management team with solid technical background, wide and extensive network, mature executive management experience in the global and Asian automotive and industrial community. Each executive member has over 25 years of experience successfully running operations in major responsibilities at multinational companies and has a deep understanding of enterprise cultures as well as operation strategies and tactics in China and globally. ASL has served the Chinese and global automotive industry for more than 10 years.

Main business includes M&A and JV projects to guide foreign enterprises to come in, domestic enterprises go out; Providing information services including industry, research and analysis of market, technology, supply chain and other aspects of automotive industry; assisting in management's strategic decision-making and planning as a third-party professional advisor; assisting enterprises in technology development and management, high-tech incubation, etc.
The mission of ASL is to guide the global development of Small and Medium-sized enterprises in China, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, support the investment, product and technology development of international enterprises in China, finally to achieve win-win value.